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Coffee Bags with Valve Series

Jun. 09, 2020

Coffee Bags with Valve Series

Valve application

One-way degassing valves have become a staple in the coffee and tea packaging arena. This amazing invention has given roasters great flexibility in terms of packaging by allowing freshly roasted coffee to be packaged immediately. Since our valves release the air within the bag without letting outside air back in, it keeps your product fresh and prevents your bags from bursting. 

Our standard valve locations are listed below.

1. For gusseted bags and flat pouches, valves are applied on the front.

2. For any clear/foil stand up pouches, valves are applied on the clear side.

3. For all poly window stand up pouches, valves are applied on the window side.

Coffee Bags with Valve Series

Capacity & Valve Location

Capacity & Valve Location(top of the bag to top of the valve):

Coffee Bags with Valve Series

Pouch Size & Capacity:

CapacityWeight (g)Square Bottom Gusset Bag SizeGusset bag SizeFlat pouch SizeStand up Pouch Size
2 Oz 58/Size (in): 
2" W x 1.25" G x 7.5" H  
50mm W x 30mm G x 190mm H
Size (in): 
4.25" W x 6.5" H 
110mm W x 165mm H
Size (in): 
4" W x 2.375" G x 6" H
100mm W x 60mm G x 150mm H
4 Oz 116/Size (in): 
2.75" W x 1.5" G x 8.25" H
70mm W x 40mm G x 210mm H
Size (in): 
5.5" W x 8.25" H 
140mm W x 210mm H
Size (in): 
5.125" W x 3.125" G x 8.125" H
130mm W x 80mm G x 205mm H
8 Oz 232Size (in): 
3.5" W x 2.75" G x 9.375" H 
90mm W x 70mm G x 240mm H
Size (in): 
3.125" W x 2.375" G x 10.25" H
80mm W x 60mm G x 260mm H
Size (in): 
6.125" W x 9" H
155mm W x 230mm H
Size (in): 
5.875" W x 3.5" G x 9" H
150mm W x 90mm G x 230mm H
12 Oz 348Size (in): 
5" W x 3.125" G x 7.875" H        
125mm W x 80mm G x 200mm H
 Size (in): 
3.25" W x 2.5375" G x 11.75" H 
85mm W x 65mm G x 300mm H
/Size (in): 
6.75" W x 3.5" G x 10.5" H  
170mm W x 90mm G x 265mm H
16 Oz 464Size (in):
4.125" W x 3.125" G x 10.825" H
105mm W x 80mm G x 275mm H
 Size (in): 
3.25" W x 2.5" G x 13" H  
85mm W x 65mm G x 330mm H
Size (in): 
6.625" W x 10.625" H   
170mm W x 270mm H
Size (in): 
7" W x 4" G x 11.5" H 
180mm W x 100mm G x 290mm H
2 LB 928Size (in): 
5.3125" W x 3.75" G x 12.625" H    
135mm W x 95mm G x 320mm H
Size (in): 
5" W x 3.25" G x 15" H
125mm W x 85mm G x 380mm H
Size (in): 
9" W x 14" H  
230mm W x 355mm H
Size (in): 
9" W x 4.75" G X 13.5" H 
 230mm W x 120mm G x 340mm H
5 LB  2320Size (in): 
7.25" W x 5.125" G x 16.5" H 
185mm W x 130mm G x 420mm H
Size (in): 
6.875" W x 4.75" G x 19.25" H 
175mm W x 120mm G x 490mm H
/Size (in): 
11.875" W x 5.5" G x 19"H  
300mm W x 140mm G x 480mm H

Pouch Material & Structure

MaterialPouch TypeMaterial Structure
Kraft Paper MaterialGusseted BagsKRAFT PAPER / AL / LLDPE                           
Square Bottom Gusseted Bags KRAFT PAPER / AL / LLDPE
Foil MaterialGusseted bagsPET / INK / AL / LLDPE                                           
Square Bottom Gusseted BagsPET / AL / LLDPE
Stand Up Zip PouchPET / AL / LLDPE                                     
Satin MaterialSquare Bottom Gusseted BagsMOPP / VMPET / LLDPE
Stand Up Zip PouchMOPP / INK / VMPET / LLDPE
Matte MaterialStand Up Zip PouchPET / AL / LLDPET

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