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CSC1016 Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf Katom Power Laminated Film Packaging Machine

Dec. 20, 2019

Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf Katom Power Laminated Film Packaging Machine

Project Information

1) Project Code: CSC1016

2) Project Location: USA 

3) Product: Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf/ Katom Power 

4) Packaging: laminated film

5) Packaging Volume and Type                 

                     a) L*W=130-170*100mm with max 50gram per sachet, 3 side seal                 

                     b) L*W=100-130*100mm with max 20gram per sachet, 4 side seal

System Overview

Configure with inclined auger sachet packaging machine, considering the big filling volume per sachet, a vacuum loading device integrated with the machine

Vacuum Loading Device

Remark: configure with vibrating device on the hopper of vacuum loading device to make sure the product can fall into the hopper of auger naturally

Machine Details

1)Sealing device for 3 side sealed sachet                                             2)Sealing device for 4 side sealed sachet


3) Vibrating device installed outside of sachet former tube                   4) Dust collecting tube


Reference operation parameter setting

1) 20 gram sachet setting

2) 50 gram sachet setting

Packed Sachet Details

Sealing pattern 3 rows printing and tear notch

Related Video 

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1) 20 gram sachet packaging  

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2) 30 gram sachet packaging  

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3) 40gram sachet packaging 

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4) Operation video for vacuum loader 

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5) Start up / shut down , loading and discharge time setting up 

Please click video  

6) Cleaning procedure Operation video for vacuum loader   

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7) Test Video for 4 sides sealed process  

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8) Test Video for vibrating device on sachet former and string sachet cutting    

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9) Single sachet cutting device and string sachet cutting device changing over     

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10) Sealing device changing over     

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11) Sealing device changing over-wiring parts , Changing from 4 sides sealing to 3 sides sealing      

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12) Coding letters changing over for ribbon coder     

Please click video

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