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Canning Machines

Dec. 26, 2017

Canning machine include can seamer , filling machines and other auxiliary machines ,the filling machine can be powder filling , granule filling or liquid filling , the can seaming process can be seam only , vacuum seaming, or vacuum and gassing .

Can Seamer

Practically, there are 2 types of can seamer, intermittent motion and continuous motion model, the former will be cheaper but slower, normally applies for granule or powder products, like milk powder, protein powder, supplementary powder, and various nuts etc . the latter one mostly applies for liquid products, like carbonated juice, beverage, beer etc


Following table indicates the key factors of intermittent can sealer that we have, it will be helpful for type selection strategically.

Summary of Can Seaming Options

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PP169 Intermittent Motion Round Shaped Can Vacuum Seamer

PP170 Rotary Type Vacuum Tin Can Seamer

PP172 Rotary Type Automatic Round Shaped Can Seaming Machine

PP222 Continuous Motion Round Shaped Can Vacuum Seamer

Power Filling Machines


To build a powder canning line, except the can seamers above, the main machine will be powder filling machine, we have series of auger filler to apply for different scale of project, following is the summary of options

Options of powder filling machine

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PP114 Semi-automatic Auger Filling Machine

PP111 Linear Type Automatic Powder Filling Machine

PP113 Rotary Type Automatic Powder Filling Machine

PP126 Linear Type Automatic Powder Double Filling & Weighing Machine

Auxiliary Canning Machines


Except the filling and seaming process , series of auxiliary canning equipment need to be configured, like


1)       Empty can cleaning machine

2)       Empty can UV sterilization machine

3)       Can sorting and feeding machine

4)       Spoon dispensing machine

5)       Filled can cleaning machine

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Automatic Canning Lines 

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